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FinTech, RegTech & Banking | Executive Search

Prioritising diversity. Promising disruption.
Finding where you Belong.

A female-led, independent & specialist FinTech, RegTech & Banking executive search consultancy.

Uniquely focused on, and passionately dedicated to, championing women & DE&I hiring. 

Introducing Belong

We care.

We are passionate.
We are different to the rest.

It all started with passion.

Passion for helping professionals advance their careers more than they ever dreamed they could.


Passion for helping Founders and Boards build and scale their businesses like they never thought possible. 


Passion for connecting the best talent with the best employers in the banking and lending industry, and - together - creating something amazing. 

Prioritising diversity. Promising disruption. 
Finding where you Belong.

It is no secret that both the Banking and the Recruitment industries are heavily dominated by white males.


As Belong is owned and led by a female founder, who left school at 16 with no A Levels or university degree, and decided to build a business that spanned across some of the most non-diverse industries - Technology, Recruitment and Banking - diversity is closer to our hearts than most.


Building teams, which are diverse and disruptive, is - and always will be - our mission and our passion.


Whether it be through sex, ethnicity, age, education or sexual orientation, Belong is passionate about challenging the status quo in Technology and Banking.

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