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Our Clients

Belong works with the world's leading challenger banks and payments FinTechs, as well as the most distinguished and respected private banks, wealth managers and building societies. 

This means that some of our clients are at Series A and B and require Executives who have proven track records of building Banking and Payments businesses from scratch and playing an integral role in fundraising.

Our scale-up clients are Series C and beyond and require a very different type of Executive; an experienced leader who can take their business to the next level i.e. rapid scaling of product and/or people, internationalisation, M&A or fundraising.

Belong also works with well established building societies, private banks and wealth managers who require highly experienced leaders, typically throughout periods of change and business transformation. We connect them with the talent who can transform their businesses like they never thought possible. 

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Our Candidates

As industry specialists and expert headhunters, Belong possesses long-standing relationships with an extensive network of the Banking and Payments industries' most accomplished leaders. 


The Executives Belong represents are not in the active job market or using generalist recruiters, but work with Belong exclusively to find them the right role.

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